5 tips to keep in mind before developing a new mobile application

We already know almost companies have a mobile application, actually, there are so many of them that this is basic for their business strategy, but how many of them are a success? So, there are some questions that we can ask ourselves before developing a mobile application in order to become successful. So, I’m going to give you 5 tips to consider:

1) Be sure about your goals.

We must be clear why we are going to develop a mobile application: to sell, to build loyalty or to make branding. It depends on your business, the moment of the company… People determine the mission, vision and objectives when they create a business, why don’t we do that every time we create a service or something as important as an app?

2) What is your app about?

Is it an e-store, a tool, a game… ? If your goal is to engage your clients, maybe the best way to achieve it, is through a tool to make all the interactions with your company better. But if your goal is creating a big network you must considerer a viral game.

3) Have a consistent business model for the long term.

And what is your business plan? If the app is key for your business, you have to know how you are going to get incomes: by advertisement, by licence, by user fees… maybe at the beginning you want to offer your app for free but you have to think about the future, or maybe it’s better to develop a free version and afterwards sell an upgrade… There are a lot of possibilities but you must have a plan. Don’t think only about short term, the strategy is king.

4) The most important thing is your target.

What is your target? An enterprise, distributors, the final consumer… Maybe your business is B2B but it would be very interesting to develop an app for final consumers in order to engage them and to make a stickiness for your client. It’s absolutely important to know our client:

- Language, functionalities and image will be different depending on the age.
- Where are they? Do we need the app in different languages?
- Does your app need a registration? Do you need some data from your client? Be careful about legal aspects!!

5) Don’t forget technical aspects and the impacts in the rest of the company’s departments.

It would be appreciated by your IT partner if you are clear from the begging that you’re either going to develop your app in iOS or Android. Maybe you want to do 2 steps, first in iOS and after in Android, but you must consider that. My advice is to know as many functionalities as you can (dispositive, camera, gps, notifications, alerts… ), in this case, your IT partner would work better. And please, if you are going to develop an app to book a taxi or a hotel or to do something at any time, don’t forget to have a customer service department with a large range of hours. An app is like a web, it opens 24 by 7.

These tips are easy to work with, but sometimes we forget to keep them in mind.

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