5 KPIs to measure your Social Media Strategy

No company discusses if it’s necessary to be or not in the Social Media, but many people have several doubts about the results. The main advantage of online Marketing (and it’s the reason why I love it) is that it’s easy to measure. So, how can we know if our Social Media Strategy works fine or may have an impact in our sales?

First of all, we must have a clear strategy, objectives and target for each Social Media. It’s not the same working with Facebook or Instagram, and the strategy and posts shouldn’t be the same because each one has
his own target. Then, we have to measure their effectiveness and to find improvement areas with or without tools. We only need to know that the most important KPIs are:

1) Reach: Followers or Likes / Target Audience 

How many followers / likes do you have? First, we have to determine our target audience because, how can we know if 1000 followers are a lot or not? We also have to see the growth of followers and why they are growing to check the campaign impact (maybe a TV campaign has a strong impact in your Social Media). And, don’t forget to see the number of people that have stopped following you too (maybe for the impact of a complaint). This KPI could inform us if our acquisition campaign goes well.

2) Share of voice: Mentions of your brand / Total mentions of your market 

It’s the classical word of mouth. Nobody mentions your brand or shares content if it’s not relevant. If your content or your brand is interesting to your audience, they are going to share it with their friends (through a “Like”, “retweet”, hashtag…). You can compare this rate with your competitor to know if you are better positioned.

 3) Engagement: Users with interactions / Followers 

An active follower is almost as important as 100 passive followers. An active follower can be a brand evangelist and this is better to obtain new clients than a campaign. At this point you can see if there are some more attractive posts than others and to find the perfect communication. We say that an engaged user is someone who is interacting with your Social Media at least once per month. 

4) Feeling: Negative or positive comments / Comments 

This KPI is a little complicated to determine but very useful. We have to know if our brand is well or badly considered, maybe we have a high number of interactions but just complaining about our service. We need to do it in a manual way though, because a machine can’t do it for us, not available software can sense the irony or the comments with a double meaning.

5) Social traffic: Views in your site from SM / Total views

It’s so easy to know it, Google Analytics tells you! So, look if this rate is increasing, if your Social traffic is higher than your SEM traffic, it would be better to invest more budget in Social Media. You can measure the ROI of Social Media.

With these rates, you don’t have any excuses for assessing if your Social Media Strategy works or not! And above all, these rates work helping you to improve and to continue learning, go!

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